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August 19, 2014 12:43 pm

Badger vaccination programme begins in England

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Farmers and landowners in East Sussex given opportunity to vaccinate badgers against bovine tuberculosis

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11:13 am

Welsh farmers cautiously welcome drop in new cases of bovine TB

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Statistics show new incidents of bTB in Wales fell by 18% in the 12-month period to May this year - the lowest level for six years

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9:32 am

Badger van crasher David McIntosh among those heading into Celebrity Big Brother house

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A man who crashed a van full of dead badgers in Gloucestershire was among the figures who headed into the Celebrity Big Brother house last night. David McIntosh, who had a TV career as Tornado in…

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4:15 am

Police to keep National Farmers’ Union at arm’s length in badger cull

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The National Farmers’ Union said yesterday its exclusion from the police control room over-seeing the Somerset badger cull this year would make no material difference to the operation.

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August 18, 2014 4:18 pm

Eighty per cent of Peak District badgers vaccinated

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Eighty per cent of the badgers in and around Edale have been vaccinated against bovine TB, the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust estimates.

Gordon McGlone's insight:

Well done Derbyshire Wildlife Trust! Leadership from the voluntary sector is setting a pace that Defra has yet to match with its badger vaccination proposals. 

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August 17, 2014 10:08 am

Protest planned for High Court in London against badger cull in Gloucestershire and Somerset

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Badger cull campaigners from Gloucestershire will travel to the High Court this Thursday to show their support to a legal challenge which could halt the cull.
The Badger Trust had launched a…

Gordon McGlone's insight:

Independent monitoring of the badger cull pilots in Gloucestershire and Somerset seems a small price to pay for a more transparent and acceptable process in 2014.  But it appears to be a step too far for the politicians. So now it’s up to the High Court to decide.

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August 16, 2014 12:29 pm

Citigroup: solar industry to outperform fossil fuels in long term

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Investment bank Citigroup predicts that the solar industry will continue to grow on a global scale and will become competitive with fossil fuels, because o

Gordon McGlone's insight:

It’s all about the economy stupid - but will economic forces operate fast enough to counter the massive damage already done by our fossil sunshine?  The real thing is out there and apart from embedded carbon manufacturing and maintenance costs it’s environmentally more benign than squeezing the last dregs out of the fracking barrel.

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7:44 am

Badger vaccination to replace cull, when time is right - Coveney - Agriland

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Ireland will move away from badger culling to vaccination as soon as possible, according to the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney.

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3:41 am

Farm puts out video of cattle being shot to highlight horrors of bovine TB

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It is an everyday reality on cattle farms in the Westcountry. Cattle that fail TB tests - or are ‘inconclusive’ on two consecutive tests - face the slaughterman’s bullet and an ignoble end.

It is,…

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August 15, 2014 6:03 am

AHVLA whistle blower reveals ministerial corruption.

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Gordon McGlone's insight:

In his report handed over to Defra our whistle blower stated:

“There was a fundamental breakdown between the monitor’s controllers and the contractor’s controllers as to what was expected of the monitors in the field. Time and time again monitors were told by contractors that their controllers had told them that we were expected to spot badgers for them; that we were expected to lamp for them and that we were expected to help carry their equipment. This was the exact opposite of what the monitors had been told by their own controllers. At times this caused some friction between contractors and monitors necessitating a lot of tact and diplomacy on the part of the monitors.”

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