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April 12, 2014 3:00 pm

Cattle TB vaccination could be deployed on UK basis October 2013

DEFRA has indicated it is open to the possibility of allowing a cattle vaccine to be used in the UK as soon as it is available on the basis that vaccinated animals could only be traded domestically.

Gordon McGlone's insight:

This article may date from October 2013 but its message is still both relevant and time restricted.  The full range of field deployment and regulatory validation hoops that must be successfully jumped over/ dived through / crawled under means that unless the government puts more time and political energy into pursuing a cattle vaccine is still a decade away.

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2:53 pm

Deb Markowitz: A healthy environment helps sustain a healthy economy - the Secretary of the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources.

At ANR we are deeply aware of the connection between healthy lifestyles, our pristine natural environment with easily accessible mountains, forests, lakes and streams, and a thriving local economy.

Gordon McGlone's insight:


Vermont’s land-based economy and its promise of a prosperous future for our children and grandchildren did not happen by accident. Vermont’s land use planning laws help us to maintain our traditional settlement patterns of a village center surrounded by working lands and forests. Our commitment to meaningful environmental regulations ensures that our land, air and water remain clean for future generations (and it drives us to clean up areas that may have suffered from historic pollution.)

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Reconnecting landscape: it’s not just about planting trees

How do we know when revegetation programs are successful? More specifically, when the aim is not just to regenerate tree species but to reconnect fragmented landscapes and bring back wildlife, how do we know what success looks like?

Gordon McGlone's insight:

An exciting programme of joining up the biodiversity hotspots; more esoterically called ‘connectivity’ by ecologists seeking to surround their work by unfathomable jargon.

The goal of Gondwana Link is to restore farmland between two national parks: Stirling Range and Fitzgerald River. The area, a globally recognised biodiversity hotspot, has seen almost 90 per cent of its eucalyptus woodlands and 50 per cent of its eucalyptus-dominated mallee cleared for farming.

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2:33 pm

Businesses need better understanding of built environment says study

Business leaders need to invest in sustainability and infrastructure in the built environment if they want to remain competitive on a global scale, writes Tim Broyd

Gordon McGlone's insight:


With this in mind it’s now crucial that big business start working together to ramp-up its board-level understanding of built environment issues. Senior executives need to grasp this isn’t just about enhancing corporate social responsibility reputations – decisions about where and how you physically expand a business have a huge impact on profits for years to come.

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More Than 20% of Imported Wild Caught Seafood Entering the US is Illegal, New Article Estimates

A new study finds that more than 20% of imported wild caught seafood by weight comes from illegal sources, valued at between $1.3 billion and $2.1 billion.

Gordon McGlone's insight:

Catch quotas and sustainability brand marks rely on honesty and accuracy.  This study provides worrying evidence that the level of illegal fishing in a mature and well regulated market such as the US is at least one fifth of the total. 

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Nature Conservancy gets $1M grant for purchase of St. Martin Island, improving wetlands

The conservancy received a $1 million grant to go toward its 2013 purchase of the Upper Peninsula island and acquiring additional wetland habitat.

Gordon McGlone's insight:


The conservancy plans to protect the habitat of St. Martin Island, which is a stopover spot for birds that migrate through the Great Lakes during the spring and fall. The island is currently uninhabited and will remain closed to the public as the conservancy works to reduce the deer population and assess the extent of its invasive species problem, the conservancy said last fall.

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April 11, 2014 2:47 pm

Badger strategy for England

A NEW strategy has been announced in a bid to achieve TB free status in England by 2038.

Gordon McGlone's insight:

Actually its a  Bovine TB strategy for England and some badgers were harmed during its production.  Other strategies are available but will not become effective whilst Owen Paterson MP is Secretary of State and the Conservatives dominate government.


Environment secretary Owen Paterson announced the plan which includes continuing to strengthen cattle movement controls, a grant-funded scheme for badger vaccination projects in the ‘edge area’ at the frontier of the disease, and improvements to the four-year badger cull pilots in Somerset and Gloucestershire.

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2:42 pm

Climate change is good for you, says ultra-conservative Heartland Institute

New study by thinktank funded by Koch brothers aims to debunk authoritative UN climate change report

Gordon McGlone's insight:

Einstein used thought experiments to consider the absolute speed of light.  However, thinking like a pea does not convince me that the climate change deniers are thinking at an Einsteinian level.


For those concerned about climate change, the ultra-conservative Heartland Institute offers up a calming solution: try thinking of yourself as a pea, instead of a human. Peas in a lab sprouted faster with extreme concentrations of carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas mainly responsible for climate change than under normal growing conditions, Heartland said.

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Senior MP calls for alternative plans to curb bovine TB after condemning pilot culls

BADGER culls are not working and effective measures must be put in place to protect farmers’ livelihoods, a senior MP said on her visit to Gloucestershire.
Labour’s Maria Eagle, shadow secretary of…

Gordon McGlone's insight:

Gloucestershire policing costs of £2.3M, expended during the 2013 badger cull, will be met from DEFRA’s ever shrinking budget.  Not a wise way to spend public monies when nothing scientific or practical was achieved.

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DARD ‘sitting on their hands’ on Bovine TB: Dobson

Ulster Unionist MLA and party Agriculture spokesperson Jo-Anne Dobson has accused the Department of Agriculture of adopting a ‘laissez-faire’ attitude towards the eradication of Bovine TB.

Gordon McGlone's insight:


Following questioning and criticising officials at the Agriculture Committee this week Mrs Dobson said: “I really do not believe for a moment that the Department of Agriculture are treating the eradication of Bovine TB as a priority - and the evidence backs this up!

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